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Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing and social work with accommodation.



  • Apfel Lane Sheltered Housing

    Based in Apfel Lane, Chadderton.
    Tel: 0161-627 1834
    Address: Apfel Lane, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 9TA
  • Aster House

    Based in Booth Hill Lane, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-678 8555
    Address: 2 Booth Hill Lane, Oldham, Lancashire, OL1 2JT
  • Barker Street Estate

    Based in Barker Street, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-620 9701
    Address: Barker Street, Oldham, Lancashire, OL1 2AD
  • Brennan Court Sheltered Housing

    Based in Cattlin Way, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-681 0543
    Address: Cattlin Way, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 3XB
  • Burnley Street Sheltered Housing

    Based in Cypress Avenue, Chadderton.
    Tel: 0161-624 1063
    Address: Cypress Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 0JS
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  • Cedar Crescent Sheltered Housing

    Based in Cedar Cresent, Chadderton.
    Tel: 0161-624 1063
    Address: Cedar Cresent, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 0DL
  • Cedar Grove

    Based in Laburnum Avenue, Shaw.
    Tel: 01706 847818
    Address: 33 Laburnum Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 8RS
  • Cherry Hinton

    Based in Cherry Hinton, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-626 7115
    Address: Cherry Hinton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL1 2PU
  • Collier Hill Estate Sheltered Housing

    Based in Collier Hill, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-624 1743
    Address: Collier Hill, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 4ND
  • Covert Road Sheltered Housing

    Based in Covert Road, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-626 6262
    Address: Covert Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 5PH
  • Dairy Street Sheltered Housing

    Based in Dairy Street, Chadderton.
    Tel: 0161-624 1063
    Address: Dairy Street, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 9HA
  • Daisy Hill Court Grouped Housing

    Based in Daisy Hill Court, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-620 9670
    Address: Daisy Hill Court, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 2HS
  • Durden Mews

    Based in Durden Mews, Shaw.
    Tel: 01706 844856
    Address: Durden Mews, Shaw, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 8PZ
  • Hanover Retirement Housing

    Based in Cardigan Street, Royton.
    Tel: 0161-628 5658
    Address: Runnymede Court, Cardigan Street, Royton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 6QS
  • Hunger Hill

    Based in Victoria Gardens, Shaw.
    Tel: 01706 840966
    Address: Wardens Office, Victoria Gdns, Shaw, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 7AP
  • Iris Street Sheltered Housing

    Based in Iris Street, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-620 9885
    Address: Iris Street, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 3ET
  • Lynmouth Avenue Sheltered Housing

    Based in Lynmouth Avenue, Oldham.
    Tel: 0161-620 9885
    Address: Lynmouth Avenue, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 3ES
  • Maple Close Sheltered Housing

    Based in Maple Close, Chadderton.
    Tel: 0161-624 1063
    Address: Maple Close, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 0EQ
  • Otley Close Sheltered Housing

    Based in Otley Close, Chadderton.
    Tel: 0161-627 3868
    Address: Otley Cl, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 8RA
  • Parkview House

    Based in Chamber Road, Chamber Road.
    Tel: 0161-626 5631
    Address: Parkview House, Chamber Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 1JW
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